Feliciano Vargas: In The Sunlight


There was nothing quite like it, painting that is. Feliciano could find little that was more satisfying than taking a smooth, paint covered brush to fresh new canvass. It had been such a nice day outside, a warm Italian breeze was passing through. The weather was perfect, and the country side…

Ludwig pulled the small rose out and placed it before his face, standing behind the younger Italian. “H-Happy Valentine’s Day.” He said, his cheeks tinted with a light pink, his eyes drifting off to the side a bit. He had come to Italy’s home to deliver the rose, it was a small gesture, but in Germany it was an important one. It marked that Italy was indeed someone whom he wanted to spend time with. It showed that he was someone that Ludwig cherished.

a-small-ghost-of-spooky-deactiv said: Um, what should I do if I decided never to date anyone again because I had my heart broken, but, I will make people sad if I do not date?

(9Sorry this is way late!))

Well, you can’t let what happened in the past stop you. You shouldn’t let a past relationship stop you from a new one. If you really like someone, date them, don’t let the heartbreak stop you.

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Hallo, thank you for ‘following’ me.

a-small-ghost-of-spooky-deactiv said: Well, those are the best kind of days!!! Sì? Also.. Can I ask for some advice? it might be kind of... weird, but, I really would like some. (:

Ja. I will try my hardest to come up with a suitable answer.

a-small-ghost-of-spooky-deactiv said: Oh! Well, my girlfriend said the same thing! (: Also, I do not think you are too strict! You are just a little scarey sometimes though. D: But I still like you!! Anyway, uum, how was your day?

ah, today went rather well. It was a ‘day off’ I suppose, so I really didn’t do much of anything.

a-small-ghost-of-spooky-deactiv said: Yay!!! I am do glad to hear that you are not busy!!! Anyway, uuum... I guess I should tell you about myself so you do not get bored!! I am Abelie ~ even though I already said that, and I am from Italy! I speak Italian English Latin and French and I am just starting to try German! (: uuh, I am not really good at anything but falling down and running into things and drawing I guess.. I think that is all!

You sound very much like my Feliciano. He’s always running into things and falling and the likes. He likes to draw to.

Well, to be formal, I suppose I should tell you about myself well. My name is Ludwig and I represent Germany. My favorite food is wurst,and I’m  told I’m far to strict…

a-small-ghost-of-spooky-deactiv said: Um, I hope I am not bothering you Germany, but, how are you sir? (:

Oh, no, you are not bothering me. Surprisingly, I finished any work I had early tonight…

I am doing rather well actually. And how are you?

a-small-ghost-of-spooky-deactiv said: Ciao!!! My name is Abelie and I think you are amazing!!!! ^^

{{ Why thank you ;D }}

((Just thought I should share my icon with you guys ;D ))

((Just thought I should share my icon with you guys ;D ))